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Among the breathtaking hilly views of the upper Macerata area, embraced by the Sibillini Mountains, the elegance and charm of the ducal city of Camerino does not go unnoticed, reviving every year the glories of the past on the occasion of the Historical Commemoration of the Sword Race and Palio, when the patron saint of Camerino, San Venanzio, is celebrated on18th  May.

Unfortunately, the 2016 earthquake made some historical landmarks and buildings of our beloved Camerino unavailable.

Among these historical places we can include:

-  the Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace), home of the Da Varano Family, the old historical seat of the University of Camerino,

- the Archbishop's Palace, built in Renaissance times, which housed the Diocesan Museum;

- the Cathedral of SS. Annunziata, where we  can find the Crucifix of 1200, the wooden sculpture of the Madonna della Misericordia and the Ark of S. Ansovino.

- the 19th century Filippo Marchetti Theater, with a horseshoe plan, three tiers of boxes and a gallery;

- the baroque Church of San Filippo which preserves a precious canvas by Tiepolo;

- the Church of Santa Maria in Via.


Luckely there is also the opportunity to visit:

- the Botanical Garden of the University, founded in 1828 by the pontifical doctor Vincenzo Ottaviani  with its important collection of plants

- the Rocca del Borgia

- the Basilica of San Venanzio, renovated after the 2016 earthquake and reopened to the public in December 2019

- the convent of Renacavata dei Frati Minori Cappuccini where the friars continue to live according to their original model

- the State Archives, where some of the oldest documents in Europe are kept.


 We have full confidence and hope that everything can return as it once was  and can be admired by tourists and lived by the citizens of Camerino

In the areas around Camerino we can also find:

-Rocca Varano, an ancient fortification which was an outpost of the Da Varano Family defense system;

-The nice small town of Caldarola and its Pallotta Castle;

-Lanciano Castle: at the time it was the summer residence of Giovanna Malatesta.

(Giovanni Buatti Pictures)

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